Jun 032014

Dena Flows
The Gastroswing 2014 has finished.
Just thanks to all attendees, the atmosphere that you have created  has been incredible.
We wait everyone in the V Gastroswing 2015 from 4th to 7th of June. That we can promise that will be unforgettable

May 252014

If you have a “Gastro” or “Gastro Special” pack, you will have to make your choice of three between these wonderful Tapas:

  • Láminas de trufa con yema de huevo a baja temperatura, tocino confitado y espuma de patata.
  • Restaurante Zaldiaran, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Carpaccio de gambas de Huelva con vinagreta de trufa alavesa y sal de salinas de Añana.
  • Restaurante IKEA, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Sardina humada con tapenade y alioli ligero de cebollino.
  • Restaurante Arkupe, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Carpaccio de pies de cerdo, navaja y crema de cacahuete.
  • Restaurante Andere, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Tosta de frambuesa con sardina marinada, alioli de naranja, brotes silvestres y pistacho.
  • La Casa del Patrón, Murguía.
  • Ensalada templada de vieiras asadas sobre crema de queso idiazabal ahumado, confitura de tomate y frutos secos.
  • Asador Lola, Berantevilla.


May 132014

As you already may know, our “Gastropacks” (including classes + parties + meals) are limited because the place where we have lunch on Saturday has a limited space.

But, considering the great demand of Gastropacks, as we have not such limitation in the rest of the meals, we have decided to launch a possible complement for your registration.

025 Gastroswing 2013 Comidas, Fiestas y Clandestinos

It’s a Pack to be added to any registration with no meals (parties, Lindy Hop Classes or Solo Dance classes). It’s being called “Gastro Special” and includes the following:

  • Friday dinner. Tapa’s tasting. Close to the medieval castle (Villa Suso) where Gastroswing Register takes place, we will have our first live concert, and DJ’s music for dancing. Next to the stage, one of the most celebrated and prizewinners Tapa’s Bar in Spain, will offer us some Tapa’s and drinks.
  • Saturday Dinner. At the same place where we will have the night party at Artium Museum, the Cube Restaurant will offer us a “Cazuelita” and a drink.
  • Sunday’s lunch. We have prepared our Sunday’s lunch together with a great popular event. 12 of the best restaurants from our region, and 10 of the best wine-cellars from Rioja Alavesa, will mount a stand to offer their best cooking dishes, in”Pintxo” size. And the wine cellars will present their wines while we have two live concerts to dance. The owners of any of our “Gastro” packs (including “Gastro Special”) will be able to taste 5 of those “Pintxos” (3 at your choice and 2 exclusive for Gastroswing participants) . Then we will be seated at the table to enjoy a special Basque Dish and dessert.

This “Gastro Special” will be available for any Gastroswing participant in the class + parties or only parties options. It’s available at a very reduced price: 35 €uros. They are appart from the amount paid for any pack of parties or clases + parties.

To book it, you should make the payment of 35 €uros to the same Bank Account of “Asociación Swingvergüenza” in which you have paid your Pack, indicating your name and “Gastro Special”. The confirmation for your booking, will not be made through email. It only will appear at your WEB PRIVATE ZONE.

All the “Gastro Special” activities are already included in the “Gastroswing Packs”. Who has registered with one of them, they don’t need to book for “Gastro Special”.