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Gastroswing – more than a Swing festival


With 2016 edition finished, Gastroswing definitively established itself as an absolutely unique and inimitable event. The social character of Gastroswing get that participants enjoy all the exhausting weekend, not only about class schedules and concerts. And from there the team of professionals give their best. How many times we have been told that Gordon Webster concert is always impressive, but in Gastroswing it is even better.

It happens once a year, the first weekend of June. Mark your calendar and stay tuned to our Facebook page to find openings inscriptions. We only publish relevant information (date announcements, teachers, bands, or videos and photo collections).


... Do you already know that Gastroswing is one of the best festivals in the world and you want to repeat, or still have to come to find out?


Why coming to Gastroswing?

Gastroswing 2014

Since 6 years, Gastroswing is being building a great name between the best international weekend swing events due to

  • Facilities for classes and a huge wooden surface for the parties.
  • Teachers between top of the world lists.
  • The great and very special environment produced by the participants and "Swingvergüenza Association".
  • Non stop parties: untill the last one says "enough!".
  • Offering the elite at an affordable price.
  • A unique, singular and exclusive crazy party: at Iturrieta Cyder Cellar up in the mountains. (Only available through full packs).

If you are in the Swing Scene, it is a must to participate at least in one Gastroswing. You'd sure been told about ir; but living it is more thrilling than you expect.


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