Swing International Festival · Vitoria-Gasteiz

Provisional Schedule

Here you have all the things you can enjoy if you're coming to Gastroswing 2017. Four days plenty of dance and fun. Because Gastroswing is much more than some classes and parties.

Thursday's party

From 20:00

On Thursday Gastroswing is open with a party to the music from the real masters of street swing: Doc Scanlon's Cool Cat Combo.

If the weather is nice, we will start in the open air, just saying hello to old friends coming. The party will continue on our main venue for parties, at Artium Museum

If you're coming on Thursday you will be able to pick your registration documents up.


Jazz Steps classes - Friday's special

From 10:00


You already know that best world's teachers are coming.

When their final travel schedules are known, we will offer Jazz Steps classes from the ones coming on Friday. We will offer two levels workshops, and each person will be able to attend from one to three of them. The price will be reduced for anyone coming to other Gastroswing activities.

We will give further information later.

Tourist routes

Friday from 11:00

Vitoria-Gasteiz is plenty of surprises. Did you know that Tourist routs are one of the best valuated activities at Gastroswing?.

Let's show you how special our Heritage is. Proffesional guides will take you through our old town to discover special places, big drawing murals...

Free with any Gastroswing registration.




Friday from 14:30 (bus departure)

Gastroswing 2015, Comida y danza posterior, RAL Club, Murgía, 5/VI/2015. Foto por Dena Flows

Gastroswing's gastronomic treasures start here. A Chef from Lekeitio (basque shore small village) makes magic form simple beans. They become one of the most delicious meals you can eat. Beans are cooked vegetarian or with meat.

Moreover: we will have beans on an spectacular landscape. A bus will dirve to us, and we will be able to digest the beans with Doc Scanlon's music.

This activity is limited in participants. People have liked it a lot and this lunch is becoming one of the Gastroswing's myths. Is not included in any Gastroswing Pack: make sure your have choosen it.

Gastroswing 2015, Comida y danza posterior, RAL Club, Murgía, 5/VI/2015. Foto por Dena Flows


Friday from 20:30


Let us give you the Wellcome you deserve. Our volunteers will tell you what to do and when, how to use your documentation...

In the meanwhile, if you've got Friday's Buffet included in your pack, you can start tasting the first basque tapa.

We will have available a retro photo set, shooted with film and printed in paper, cartoonist....

Feel free to come ready for the first party.


Night parties!

Friday from 22:30; Saturday from 23:00

Gastroswing great show is starting. Doc Scanlon's Band will get you ready to bounce to the music, we will introduce our amazing teachers, and Gordon Webster and Friends will start their very special live shows at Gastroswing.

Yes!. They are special. It's not usual to see Gordon Webster with his whole band, with a  baby grand piano, and with no time limit to play. Gordon enjoys Gastroswing parties specially, and you will be able to feel it. Nowhere as at Gastroswing.

That's the maximum experiece that a Lindy Hopper can live.

Friday's and Saturday's buffet

From 22:30 to 01:30


During the parties, those having purchased a "Gastro" pack or a buffet ticket, will be able to enjoy in a room close to the party (with separated drink bar) one basque food ration and a buffet made with salads, pasta, rice, cheese...

We will have even as a special guest star... the "Jamón Serrano Man".

Meal will be replaced up to 01:30 in the morning.

to have the buffet included in your registration is mandatory to be able to go in.

Lindy Hop & Jazz Steps classes - Main Track

Saturday and Sunday morning from 11:00 (check the definitive time table the day before).

Open and luminous spaces, mainly  wooden floors... you have to aquire good staff in a clear way.

Gastroswing teacher's team is difficult to be repeated; don't miss the opprotunity of taking classes from all of them. To wake up early is really well worth.

Please: check carefully the level description to choose an apropriate group for you. Changeing level during the classes is not guaranteed.

Saturday and Sunday morning classes are sold in a pack. They don't include possible classes on Friday morning or Saturday evening.


Iturrieta Cider Mill - Bus, lunch and live music

Saturday 14:30


Having lunch in a cider house is a special moment in gastronomic basque tradition.  Special menu (vegetarian available) in a very special place.

Up in the basque mountains, Iturrieta Cider Mill landscape is really awesome.

Places are restricted. Another lunch option for Saturday will be offered for those who can't get into the cider mill.

"De Luxe" lunch at Artium

Sunday from 14:45

Sunday's lunch is a really luxury lunch. First level dishes to strengthen for a frenetid end of Festival

It seems Gastroswing is begining to be over... but still we have a lot of party to go.

Previous registration is mandatory. It's well worth: the price we get for this menu is very very special.


Street Party

Sunday from 18:30

Gastroswing 2015, Fiestas de Arana, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 7/VI/2015. Foto por Dena Flows

Doc Scanlon’s musicians know very well what to do to make us move.

As incredible as it seems, you will still be capable of making an extra effort to keep dancing. And you will!

This time we go back to the very roots of street dancing. Let’s swing in the street and let all the people in the city enjoy the atmosphere.

Final party at Gora Project

Sunday from 21:30 to....

This tradition started some years ago as incomprehensibly musicians couldn’t stop playing and people couldn’t stop dancing.

This party is now among Gastroswing’s high points. We’ll start dancing again with Doc Scanlon’s tireless Cool Cats, and the music will go on after that. But this party is much more than music… even if you can’t stand on your feet anymore.