Swing International Festival · Vitoria-Gasteiz

Choose the right level for you

Try to choose the level where you will feel really comfortable

Lindy Hop

In Gastroswing previous editions,Lindy Hop classes with international teachers (Saturday morning and Sunday morning) have been organized in four levels (1 the easiest; 4 the expert). Owing to the poor demand to level 1 classses, this year we will no offer level 1 classes.

Choosing your own level is your own decission. For that, please pay attention to the instructions we give the teachers to prepare their lessons.

Level 1: If you've been dancing for six months or less, Gastroswing have not classes for you this year. Try with a Party Pack and social activities to join Gastroswing.
Level 2: You have attended regular clases (Six months or more). You know Kick Charleston and Swing Out basic steps, but you are aware you should improve them. This is not an introductury level.
Nivel 3: It's not a problem for you to dance with anyone, basic steps have no secret for you, and your conection resources are wide. But you are still not a master.
Level 4: You cope well both in classes and the dancefloor. You are able to make the most of lessons using any of the classic steps, which you know to perfection. You will be comfortable with maximum exigence level.

More than one group of each level could be organized. Level 4 could origin a level 5 group, "Invitational".

Jazz Steps

Saturday and Sunday morning Jazz Steps classes will be divided in three levels, at your choice. Each one of the groups will attend 2 hours of classes from Héctor Artal, and 2 hours of class from Ksenia Parkhatskaya. There is the possibility that a 5th class class is offered as a free bonus (depending of activities definitive schedule).

Instructions given to teachers to prepare the classes will be:

Level 1: You know you are a begginer on this, although you've tried.
• Level 2: You are started with Jazz Steps routines, but you don't feel comfortable with difficult steps.
Level 3: You have no problem with complex steps (¡even if you need some training!) and you are used to developing Solo choreographies.