Swing International Festival · Vitoria-Gasteiz

What can I do at Gastroswing?

As starter

Gastroswing is also a street festival. If you pay a visit to us, it’s added to all the payment registration packs:

  • Introducing Gastroswing street gig: Thursday at 20:00.
  • Touristic routes on Friday morning..
  • Vermout Gig on Sunday noon.
  • Big street popular party to live music on Sunday evening.
  • Closing party on Sunday night.

Check ouyt our activities description.

Gastroswing 2015, Fiestas de Arana, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 7/VI/2015. Foto por Dena Flows

I want to take advantage of the wonderful teachers who come and receive the more classes the better. (Our recommended choice).


Your choice is a “Swing Pack” (Lindy Hop or Solo, with 6 hours of classes on Saturday and Sunday morning). You will be able to add to your pack later, as we are still finishing details

  • Special Solo workshops on Friday morning. Pending to confirm the rest of teachers, Skye Humphries will offer three levels workshops. In each of the three levels, you will be able to have clasess from three of our international teachers.

We can not wtill offer the definitive workshops, but we promise they willl be at reduced prices for Gastroswing participants.

Of course, our “Swing Pack” includes the great Friday and Saturday Gastroswing parties. The incredible Doc Scanlon band prepare the atmosphere to introduce the complete band of Gordon Webster. They will be again two exclusive parties. What Gordon Webster does at Gastroswing is not seen in any other Festival.

You can also add the Buffet option so you can freely have your dinner during the party.

Don’t miss anything on our Big Sunday. Don’t forget during your registration to select the “De luxe” lunch on Sunday. High quality meal, offered at a very special price together with a Gastroswing registration. The environment during the lunch is really great, with everybody catching energy for the rest of the closing activities.

In summary, you can choose now:

  • Swing Pack (Lindy Hop o Solo).
  • Buffet during Friday and Saturday night parties.
  • “De Luxe” lunch on Sunday.
  • Do you mean “The Big Bean”?: our Beans lunch on Friday noon. If you already now it, we know you will repeat. If you don’t, ask about it and you will.

Later, when we publish it (you will be directly emailed then), you can add:

  • Solo special wrkshops on Friday morning.
  • Saturday lunch.

I want to completely live the Gastroswing experience


Probably this happens through the cider lunch at Iturrieta. Sadly, places are very restricted.

The Gastroswing Pack and the travel to the cider mill, have certain drawbacks. Think twice before choosing it:

  • Iturrieta is located on a mountain of difficult access. If you suffer of dizziness on road trips you could go through a not very good experience.
  • You will have not time to rest if you want to be present at the whole night party.

Moreover: add to your pack if your travel schedule lets you so:

  • Solo special workshops on Friday morning (still not on sale; we will email you when everything is ready). We will offer you a very special price.
  • Do you know our “Big Bean” on Friday noon?. It’s really amazing.

I’ve had classes enough. Parties for me!.

We will have not very much “Party Packs” on sale. To cover our budget, we need to have all of our activities sold, so we will give priority to those who take choice for “Swing Packs” (with classes), as we try to keep space enough for dancing at parties.

Registrations for “Swing Packs” will be opened sooner than “Party Packs” registration.

If you get a Party Pack, don't forget to complete your Gastroswing travel with Sunday "De Luxe" Lunch.

The Gordon Webster Band, Gastroswing 2015, Museo Artium, 6/VI/2015. Foto por Dena Flows http://denaflows.com/galerias-de-fotos-de-conciertos/g/the-gordon-webster-band/