Swing International Festival · Vitoria-Gasteiz

Swingénero eng


In Gastroswing,
we’d like to contribute to the fight for gender equality.
We are carrying out a bunch of activities in order
to achieve a more inclusive, not discriminatory
and egalitarian festival by:

– Encouraging the use
of non-sexist language.

– Promoting women’s visibility
and presence
in spaces where
they have been

– Breaking down
and gender roles.

We would like to invite
you to join this initiative
in every way you can.

Together we can make Gastroswing an
inclusive Festival and make a real
contribution to this initiative
for gender equality.

Exclusive ilustration
for Gastroswing merchandising
by Amaia Marzabal

Would you like to participate in this gender-neutral Gastroswing?

Thank you for making this Festival even better,
it’s only possible because of you.

Swingénero is a word game between the spanish word “Sin” (=Without) turned into “Swing”, and Genero (=Gender)